[BEST] 10 South Indian action movies in hindi

Whenever it comes to action films, everyone thinks of South Indian films. If you are also a fan of South Indian action movies, then this article is for you only.

We have shortlisted such South Indian action movies that you will not feel boredom at all and there is going to be a lot of action in these films, which you will enjoy very much.

We have not added Kgf and Bahubali to this list because you must have seen these movies. There are movies in our lists that you may not have seen and you should watch these movies.

So stay tuned with us and enjoy this article. So let's start our list of South Indian action movies.

Nela Ticket

The first film on our list is the Nela ticket. It is the story of an orphan named Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) who helps people. The fight between the Nela ticket and Home Minister (Aditya Bhupathi) becomes a big problem, now to what extent does this problem go, you will only know by watching the film.


The story is about a boy named Surya who came to Mumbai with a dream. Surya wants to rule the whole of Mumbai. But between this dream, the police and opposition party politicians arrive. Now who will win this battle, you will find out in the film.


Gana is an ex-military officer. In order to save a girl, Gana enmities with Dhanush, the son of a powerful politician. Now Gana’s family is stuck in trouble between this enmity. After watching this film, you will get to know how Gana gets his family out of this trouble.


In this film, Dhuvvada Jagannadham has been finishing crime and criminals since childhood. Later Dhuvada Jagannadham starts doing this work for the police. Dhuvvada Jagannadhamalso wanted to finish Royla Naidu because of his crime, Dhuvada Jagannadham starts making plans against Rayala Naidu which makes it easy for him to kill Royla Naidu.

Janatha garage

In this story, Anand, who always thinks about the well being of others, Anand is asked to handle the Jantha garage so that he can help the people. Now, what will be Anand's decision and how he will help everyone is shown in the film.


In this film, the police keep searching for a criminal named Padmanabhan. It becomes difficult for the police to catch Padmanabhan. A secret agent is appointed to catch Pandmanabham. Now who is this secret agent, you will see suspense in the film itself.


This story is about a cop(Baldev Sahay) who wants to finish the Criminals completely. Due to which a gangster Ganguly Bhai tries to kill him. But Baldev Sahay somehow escapes and returns to take revenge from Ganguli Bhai.


The story of this film begins when a boy named Rishi comes to Hyderabad with a motive. Rishi keeps looking for Stephen and Robert. He wanted to kill both of them to take revenge of his parents. The biggest suspense of this film is who is Stephen and Robert.


Surya who loves his father very much and is willing to do anything for his father's happiness. Surya's father is a government officer. Surya confronts a powerful minister for his father which becomes a problem for him and his father. Now Surya takes his father out of this problem.


In this movie, there is a boy named Shivam who helps the lovers to get married. He falls in love with a girl named Tanu. But because of all this, he inadvertently manages to enmity with some people, due to which he and Tanu have to face the problem.

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