Top 15 Hollywood Comedy Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

If you ask me about the best movie genre, my answer would be a comedy. Many movies will come and go but comedy movies have their own fun. If we talk about Hollywood comedy movies, then all the movies are popular all over the world.

Hollywood comedy movies have a very special feature and it is that Hollywood comedy movies with comedy genres also show action or horror things in their movies. And Hollywood directors add all these things in their movies in such a way that we get to enjoy different fun in that movie.

There can be no flaw in anything from directing Hollywood comedy movies to casting. The better the story of the movie remains, the better the casting of that movie is. Every actor adapts himself to the character of the movie in such a way that we cannot stop laughing at his comedy.

Top 15 Hollywood Comedy Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

In this article, we are going to tell you the list of such Hollywood comedy movies that are dubbed in Hindi. So if you want to enjoy Hollywood comedy movies in Hindi, then this article is going to be for you, then stay with us in the article and read it till the end

1. Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber 

It is the story of two best friends Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne who are always together. Both remain very stupid. After losing their jobs, the two decided to go to Aspen. While going to Aspen, between this journey, many things will make you laugh. These two friends each time make trouble for themselves as well as become a problem for others as well.

The movie has been directed by Peter Farrelly, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels playing the lead roles. After the success of this movie, Peter Farrelly also released the second part of this movie.

2. Bad Boys 

Bad Boys Hollywood Comedy Movie
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The Bad Boys film is the first part of the series. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will play lead roles in the film. Originally the film is of two spies, being a detective, they have also become very good friends. In this film, these two detectives are investigating the drug smuggling case.

In this movie, you will get to see both action and comedy. 3 parts of this movie have been released and all three parts are going to be very funny. Especially in this movie, you will laugh a lot by listening to Martin Lawrence's comedy and his dialogue.

3. American Pie

American Pie Hollywood comedy movie dubbed in hindi
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American Pie is the best Hollywood comedy movie. In this film, the lives of the 5 best college friends are shown. Of which 4 friends want a physical relationship with their girlfriends in college life. The funkiest and comedy character of this movie is Stiffler. You will get to see Stiffler's comedy in every part of American Pie.

American Pie is a total of 4 parts of the movie series, with the director of the film being Paul Weitz, starring Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Alyson Hannigan, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott.


4. Due Date 

Due Date Hollywood Comedy movie dubbed in hindi
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Due Date released in 2010, this movie is of a man named Peter Highman whose wife is pregnant. But Peter Higman is not able to meet his wife as he is in trouble due to a man named Ethan Tremblay. In compulsion, Peter Higman has to travel with that person. During this, there are many adventures things happen with both of them.

Todd Phillips has directed this movie. Peter Higman is played by Robert Downey Jr and Ethan Tremblay is played by Zach Galifianakis.

5. We're The Millers

We're The Millers Hollywood Comedy Movie
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The film is directed by Ravson Marshall Thurber, starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Potter, Nick Officer, Katherine Hahn, Ed Hales.

The story of this film begins with a small drug dealer who gets a contract to supply drugs in Mexico, for which he is paid a good amount. He needs a family to reach Mexico. That is why he creates his own fake family. Now, in front of this fake family, there are many comic problems, which they will have to face together.

6. Why Him 

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Why Him is a Hollywood comedy movie released in 2014. The lead role of this movie is James Franco, who will often be seen by you playing Serious Roles. But this is not so in this movie. James Franco will be seen doing comedy in this movie.

Laird (James Franco) girlfriend Stephanie brings her family members to Laird's Villa. Laird and Stephanie are thinking whether Stephanie's family will like the Laird or not. But Stiffany's family does not like him at all because of Laird's strange antics. Stephanie's family has no idea how much Laird's wealth is.

7. War Dogs 

War Dogs
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This movie, released in 2005, is directed by Todd Phillips. The lead roles of this movie are Jonah Hill, Miles Teller. The story of this movie is about two old friends whose Arms are supplied to the US Military. As soon as the business of these two starts to touch the heights, in the same way, there is a problem in front of them. Due to this problem, They got arrested by F.B.I. In this movie, you will also see the famous Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper who played the role of Henry Girard in this movie.

8. Ted 

Ted Hollywood comedy movie

Ted Movie Released in 2012, this Hollywood comedy movie is the story of a small child (John), who has lived alone since childhood. John finds a teddy who becomes his best friend. The two are having a very good life with each other, but after growing up, their friendship breaks up due to John's love life, and there are some comic scenes between all these things.

The film is directed by Seth MacFarlane. Mark Wahlberg plays John and Seth MacFarlane voices Ted.

9. The Dictator 

The Dictator Hollywood Best Comedy Movie

If you watch Hollywood comedy movies, then you must have heard about this film. The Dictator Movie is a 2012 film directed by Larry Charles. This story is about a dictator (Admiral General Aladdin) who never wants to bring democracy to his country.

The twist in the story comes when Admiral General Aladdin is kidnapped. What Admiral General Aladdin does to bring himself in front of people is very humorous.

10. Zombieland 

Zombieland Hollywood Comedy Movie List

You must have understood what the story could be about as soon as you heard the name of this film. If you are thinking that this movie is related to zombie haunting then you are right. This story is about four strangers who have survived alive between zombies. These four have to live together to kill zombies and survive.

The story of this movie has been continued in its next part after surviving the end of the movie. This movie is a little different from the rest of the zombie haunting movies, the best part of this movie is that you can also enjoy comedy in this movie with zombie haunting.

11. Johnny English

Johnny English
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Whenever it comes to any of Hollywood's best comedy actors, the name Rowan Atkinson is remembered. Rowan Atkinson plays the role of Johnny English in this movie. Johnny English is a spy sent on a secret mission. Johnny English is a character that spoils everything, just because of his stupidity.

There is no such scene in this movie where the movie has been made a little serious, in every scene you will get to see comedy. Johnny English's life changes after completing his mission. The subsequent story of Johnny English is shown in the second part of this movie, in which Johnny English is called again by the MI 7 to complete a mission.

12. Bean 

Bean Hollywood Comedy Movie
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If we talk about this movie, then this Hollywood movie is legendary. Released in 1979, this movie is based on a cartoon named Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson played Mr. Bean in this movie. Mel Smith is the director of this great movie. There is no dialogue of Mr. Bean in this movie, but still, you are going to laugh a lot by watching him.

13. Scary Movie 

Scary Movie
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Hearing the name of this movie, if you are thinking that I am telling you about a horror movie, then you are probably wrong. The only name of this movie is Scary, you will laugh more than fear in this movie.

In this movie, a ghost kills some people one by one. But in reality, he is not a ghost but a human. No one can understand who he is. But this suspense is revealed in the last of this movie. While watching this movie, you will not be able to guess at all which person is hiding behind that ghost. The main character of this movie is Anna Faris, who will be seen in every part.

14. The Hangover

The Hangover Hollywood Comedy Movie List
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The film features four friends who go to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. Where they celebrate. In celebration, they also take drugs with their drinks. After waking up in the morning, they have no idea what they did last night in a state of intoxication.

After a while, they come to know that one of their friends has gone missing. Their condition deteriorates in finding that friend. This is the first part of the hangover movie series, apart from this, 2 parts of the hangover movie have been released.

15. Shazam 

Shazam Hollywood Comedy Movie List

Shazam is a superhero movie by D.C. Comic. This movie is slightly different from the rest of the superhero movies. In this, you will not only get action but at the same time, you will also be seen doing superhero comedy.

This story is about a child whom a wizard gives the power to transform himself into a superhero. However, his mind will think like a child, but the same power will become that of a superhero.

Note: Mostly films in this list also have adult content, so take care that you do not watch these movies with your family. You can enjoy these films alone or with your friends.

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