Top 10 South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

The South Indian industry is beginning to make its way into South Indian romantic, action, and suspense thriller movies as well as horror movies. In the last few years, South Industry has produced such horror movies, whose story concepts are different, though everyone knows how creative the directors of South Industry are.

Today we have brought for you a list of some such South Indian horror movies which you will feel scared to see, as well as you will be able to enjoy these movies with fun. The specialty of these South Indian horror movies is that along with the horror, you will continue to see comedy in them.

Note: In the list of this South Indian horror movie, all the movies have already been dubbed in Hindi, so you can enjoy these movies in Hindi too.

1. Chandramukhi

Chandramukhi  South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

At number 1 on our list is the Legendary Movie of South Indian Horror Movies. After the release of this movie of Rajinikanth, many people saw and liked it. Bollywood also made a remake of this movie, in which Akshay Kumar has played the lead role in the place of Rajinikanth.

The story of this movie is of Vettaiyapuram palace, in which the whole village is frightened by a ghost named Chandramukhi. After which Doctor Saravana is called to solve this riddle of the Vettaiyapuram palace.


2. Nagavalli

Nagavalli  South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

Nagavalli which you will find in Hindi with the name Mera Badla. The film stars Venkatesh, Anushka Shetty, Richa Gangopadhyay, Shraddha Das and Kamalini Mukherjee in the lead roles. Venkatesh played the role of a doctor in the film. The story of this film closely resembles that of Chandramukhi.

In this film, Chandramukhi's ghost wanders off to kill the living king, Sri Nag Bhairav ​​Rajasekhara. Chandramukhi tries to complete her revenge on the king.

3. Kashmora

kashmora  South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

Kashmora film in the lead role, Karthi. Karthi has a dual role in the film. The story of this film has two men named Kashmora, who are shown in two parts of the story. The first part of this story is about a person named Kashmora. It is the job of this man to fool and deceive people in the name of black magic.

The same is shown on the other side about a king named Kashmora, whose kingdom ends completely over some time. The lives of these two have been combined in a very excellent way in this movie.

4. Dora 

Dora  South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

Dora Movie which you will see in Hindi as Kanchana the Wonder Car. The lead role of this film is Rauli Nayantara. The story of this film is about a girl named Pavalkodi, who buys a car for her taxi business. But even Pavlakkodi does not know what is in that car.

Some very strange things happened to Pavlakkodi after taking that car. Pavlakkodi realizes that there is an evil spirit in that car. Pavlakkodi has no choice but to find out about the evil spirit.

5. Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada

South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

It is the story of a boy named Arjun, who once failed in his love. When Arjun goes to Kerala for the treatment of his friend, he falls in love with a girl named Nithya, again. But he is also deceived. Later he comes to know that Nithya was possessed by a spirit. Now Arjuna started finding out about that spirit.

6. Arundhati 

South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

This movie is a 2009 South Indian horror movie, directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. The movie is starred by Anushka Shetty and Sonu Sood. Anushka Setty plays a girl named Arundathi in this movie.


The movie begins when Arundhati comes to her village. Arundhati looks similar to her great-grandma Jejamma. The real twist of the story comes when some strange incidents happen with Arundhati and her family. The cause of these incidents is the evil spirit of a black magician named Pasupathi. In this movie, Arundhati makes every effort to save herself and her family from the evil spirit of Pasupathi.

7. Kanchana 

Kanchana  South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

Released in 2011, the film is a South Indian horror comedy film. The film's lead role is Raghav Lawrence. You may have seen Raghav Lawrence playing the side role in most of the films. But Raghav Lawrence will be seen in the lead role in this film.

If we talk about the story of the film, then the story of this film is about a boy named Raghav, inside whom the soul of a transgender named Kanchan enters, after which Raghav starts to act very strangely.

8. Dhilluku Dhuddu

South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

Dhillu dhaddu which you will find in Hindi by name Rajmahal. The film is also a horror-comedy film, such as Kanchana Movie, which stars Santhanam. Santhanam has one such lead role, which was well-liked by the people.

The story of this story is such that both Kumar and Kajal are very much in love with each other, but this thing is not liked by Kajal's father and to separate Kumar from Kajal, he invites Kumar and his family in a haunted palace. 

9. Raju Gari Gadhi 2

South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

The film's lead roles are Nagarjuna, Samantha, and Serat Kapoor. The story begins with three youngsters who bought a resort for business. The resort had some paranormal activities with these three. To solve this, the three go to a psychiatrist named Rudra. Rudra has such powers that he can talk to spirits. Rudra agrees to help the three of them and starts solving the riddles of that resort.

10. Karthikeya 

South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed In Hindi List

The story of this movie is about a boy named Karthik who lives a medical student and goes to Subramaniapuram for his medical camp. There is a lot of fear among people about the Subramanya Swamy temple in that village. To find out the reason for that fear, Karthik starts the investigation of the Subramanya Swamy temple.

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