Top 10 Best Movies of Manoj Bajpai - Masterpieces To Be Must Watch

Talking about today's film industry, the time is gone when only the sons of a big actor can enter Bollywood. Earlier in the Bollywood film industry, it was seen whether you belong to the family of a big film actor. If you are from the family of a big film actor, you will get an entry in Bollywood. Then it does not matter whether you have an acting talent or not, you will still be made a Bollywood superstar.

But the Bollywood industry has probably forgotten that today's audience sees the performance of the actors, they do not care whether an actor is from a big family or not, if that actor has good acting talent then he is their superstar.

Today we are talking about one such superstar, Manoj Bajpai. He proved this by saying that if a person has talent, he can do anything. Manoj Bajpai, who came from a small village in Bihar, showed in Bollywood what real acting is. He has been awarded the Padma Shri Award for his best-acting talent.

Manoj Bhajpai has done a lot of great movies in his career, in which his characters have become very famous. So today we will tell you about some such great movies of Manoj Bajpai.

1. Gangs of Wasseypur

The gangster and crime story concept of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh was started by the Gangs of Wasseypur movie. The movie featured a fight between the gangster and Bahubali of Dhanbad, which was earlier in Bihar.

In this movie directed by Anurag Kashyap, Manoj Bajpai plays the role of Sardar Khan, who lives in Dhanbad. Sardar Khan wants to take revenge for his father from Ramadhir Singh, Bahubali of Dhanbad.

2. Satya 

Satya - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

Released in 1998, the film was directed by Ram Gopal Varma, about a man named Satya, who comes to Mumbai to live an ordinary life. In Mumbai, he meets a gangster named Bhiku Matre, which causes Satya to enter the world of the underworld.

At the same time, Satya falls in love with a girl named Vidya, but Satya does not want to tell her truth, so Satya has to hide his truth from Vidya. In this film, Manoj Bajpayee plays Bhiku Matre, a Mumbai gangster.

3. Aligarh

Aligarh - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

The film is based on a real story, the story of this film is about a professor named Ramchandra Sirus. Ramachandra Sirus is in his retirement age, he is molested by Media. Then he meets a journalist with whom he develops a good friendship and a different bonding between the two.

In this movie, Ramchandra Siras is played by Manoj Bajpai and the journalist is played by Rajkumar Rao. The purpose of this movie is not only to entertain the people but also to give a lesson to society.

4. Special 26 

Special 26 - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

The story of the special 26 movie is of a group who become fake CBI officers and conduct fake raids of income tax at the house of corrupt politicians and businessmen. Real CBI officer Waseem Khan seems to be aware of this, Waseem Khan is ready to catch these fake CBI officers red-handed.

In this movie, Manoj Bajpai is played by Waseem Khan, although the lead role of this movie is Akshay Kumar.

5. Satyameva Jayate

Satyameva Jayate - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

In this movie, Manoj Bajpai plays the role of DCP Shivansh Rathod, who is Veer's elder brother. Shivansh Rathod wants to catch a criminal who brutally murdered many corrupt people. Shivansh Rathod is not aware of the fact that the criminal he is looking for is his younger brother.

In this movie, Veer is played by John Abraham, who is the lead role of this movie.

6. Aiyaary

Aiyaary - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

The film, released in 2018, is directed by Neeraj Pandey. This movie is based on an army officer Major Jai Bakshi. Manoj Bajpai plays Colonel Abhay Singh Singh in this movie. Talking about the ratings of this movie, this movie has got very low ratings, but Manoj Bajpai, like the rest of the films, has done very good acting in this movie too.

7. Raajneeti

Rajneeti - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

Rajneeti is a Politics thriller movie, Samay Pratap, son of a very well-known politician, who abandons his dream and enters the world of politics for his father.

This movie has been directed by Prakash Jha. Along with Manoj Bajpai in this movie, there are other big stars of Bollywood, such as Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal, Nana Patekar, and Nasruddin Shah.

8. Shool

Shool - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

The film stars Samar Pratap Singh, a police inspector who, due to his honesty, migrates to Motihari in Bihar. Due to his integrity, the M.L.A becomes his enemy, who becomes a threat to him and his family.

Released in 2001, the movie is directed by Eeshwar Nivas. The role of Police Inspector Samar Pratap Singh is played by Manoj Bajpai.

9. Rukh 

Rukh - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

In Rukh Movie, Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of Diwakar Mathur, who dies of a father. Dhruv Mathur, who is the son of Diwakar Mathur, finds out the real cause of his father's death. The director of this movie, released in 2017, is Atanu Mukherjee.

10. Naam Shabana  

Naam Shabana - Best Movie of Manoj Bajpai

The lead role of this movie is Taapsee Pannu, who plays Shabana Khan. Shabana Khan is a girl who, self-sufficient, gets a call from Shabana one day from an unknown number and is offered to join a secret intelligence agency.

Along with Taapsee Pannu, the movie also stars Manoj Bajpai, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Anupam Kher in the lead roles. Akshay Kumar has given a cameo role in this movie.

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