Panchayat web series Review - Know the cast, Story and review of Panchayat web series

Hello friends, welcome to another article in which we are going to review a very famous web series Panchayat. Many of you must have watched the Kota Factory web series. Kota Factory was liked by many people. It has been a long time since this web series came out, but people still watch it today. This amazing thing belongs to our Jeetu Bhaiya.

Jitendra Kumar (Jeetu) also proved that in the web series Panchayat, he proved that his acting cannot be faulted. So let's know the review, plot, and cast of Panchayat web series.

Plot of Panchayat

This web series is from a small village Phulera. People here listen not to the mind but to the heart. In this story, a boy (Abhishek Tripathi), who has completed his graduation, gets his job in a very small village far away from the city, where people have different thinking. Abhishek Tripathi, who is the Panchayat Secretary, gets a very low salary, a small and old room to live and a village where the people are very strange.

He is fed up with his life and wants to get out of this village somehow and get a good salary job. That is when Prateek, who has a very good friend of Abhishek, gives him the idea to do  MBA so that he will get a good package job. Hearing this idea of ​​his friend, Abhishek Tripathi starts preparing for CAT exams.

Whether Abhishek Tripathi is able to clear the exam ? does he end his job? does he stay in that village? To get the answer to all these questions, you will have to watch the Panchayat web series.

In this web series, two aspects are shown, one is the thinking of the people of the village, the way they do their work and their customs and the other is the lifestyle of the city, which is completely different and comfortable from the village.

I can say with the claim that you will not feel bored at all while watching this series. There are many scenes in this movie which you are going to enjoy a lot.

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The good thing about Panchayat web series

  • The first good point of this web series was that we got to see reality in this movie. All things were related to real life. We can relate this series to the life of the village and the city.
  • In this web series, not only Jeetendra Kumar but also the other characters have played their role well and have emerged in front of everyone.
  •  One of the specialty of this web series that got me is the acting of Jeetu Bhaiya. However, this specialty is in all his series and movies. Whatever film he do, his acting in that film is very good.

The bad thing about Panchayat web series

  • This point is not a shortcoming of this series, it is just an opinion of mine. The director of this series should produce more episodes as the story ahead of it can be even more fun.

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Director - Deepak Kumar Mishra

IMDB Rating - 8.8

No. of Episodes - 8

Cast -

  •  Jitendra Kumar
  • Raghubir Yadav
  • Neena Gupta
  • Biswapati Sarkar

Available on - Amazon Prime Video


I think this was the best web series of jeetendra kumar after kota factory. So if you have not watch this series yet, then definitely watch it.

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