Latest Movie on Netflix - Chaman Bahaar

Latest Movie on Netflix - Chaman Bahaar

Hey! Do you remember the earlier love story movies? In the movies a boy falls in love with a beautiful girl and goes mad for that girl. In that madness of love the boy starts doing weird things. So today we have brought for you a review of one such movie. After watching it your old memories will be refreshed. In short you will feel nostalgic. 

Last week, Netflix released the latest hindi movie on its platform titled as “Chaman Bahaar”.

In the lead character of the movie, we have Jeetu (Jeetendra Kumar). Yes! The Jeetu, who have done Tvf Pitchers, Kota Factory, Tvf Bachelors, Panchaayat, Shubh Mangal Savdhan, and many more shows and series. Please don’t say you are hearing this name for the first time. If so, then you are unaware of a gem of Indian cinema. Let me tell you that Jeetendra is a very awesome and versatile actor.And once again in this movie, Jeetendra has played his character well and has showcased his brilliant talent. He just nailed the role. He is in the movie,this is enough reason to watch the movie.

So if you like watching movies with love stories, then definitely read the review of this movie. Today we are going to review the Chaman Bahar movie. So stay with me to know about this movie. 

Plot of Chaman Bahaar

The plot of the movie revolves around a boy named Billu(Jeetendra Kumar) who lives in Mungeli(near Bilaspur city of India). Billu’s father works as a guard in the Forest department of that area. For generations their family served in the Forest department and now he wants Billu to do the same. Initially Billu started working as a guard, but due to the fear of wild animals, he left the job. After that, Billu tries a startup. With the help of his friend he started a small Paan shop at the village’s outskirts on the road side and became a Panwaari. 

Initially the startup doesn’t go well. At the shop in the outer area of the village, there were literally not a single person who lived there. On the other side of the road, there is only one empty house that is exactly facing opposite to the shop. After a few days, a family came to live in that house. The head of the family is a Government official and got allotted that house for stay. Now here comes our lead actress, Rinku (Ritika Badiani). She is the elder daughter of the family.

Latest Movie on Netflix - Chaman Bahaar

After whenever Rinku goes to school or comes back from school, all the boys of the village follow her. All those boys started stalking her whenever she came out. Almost every young boy has fallen in love with the girl. Even Billu too. After following Rinku to her home, all the boys gather at Billu’s shop just to have a glance of Rinku. Now this is the turning point for Billu’s business. It starts growing day by day. On the top of those boys list, there were two main characters, Siladitya(Son of a local politician) and Ashu bhaiya(a son of a small businessman). This whole thing finally becomes like a competition. All of them try to impress Rinku. And our hero, Billu secretly loves her and wants to tell his feelings to Rinku. After that the movie takes a lot of turns and twists. Will Billu ever get success in his love story? For that you have to watch the movie. But let me tell you one thing that the end will be unexpected for you.

IMDB Rating - 7.3(till 23rd June 2020)

Director - Apurva Dhar Badgaiyan

Cast -


Jitendra Kumar(Billu)

Ritika Badiani(Rinku)

Bhuvan Arora(Somu)

Alam Khan(Shiladitya Tiwar)

Ashwani Kumar(Ashu Bhaiya)

Bhagwan Tiwari(Inspector Bhadoria)

Dherendra Kumar Tiwari(Chhotu)

Following are few things that I found good in the film:


Jeetu's acting in this film is very impressive. Apart from Jeetu, other actors have also done their roles perfectly. 


Seriously, Director had done a good job. He focuses on the reality and the vibes of the film are so realistic. Apart from the love story, he also focused on  comedy in the  film. Story-wise this film is quite good.


The Dialogues are super awesome. Some of them have such comic timing that it will tickle your bones.

Now Following are few things that I didn’t found that much good:

Lead Actress Dialogue:

It may sound a bit weird but the film does not have a single dialogue for her. Wait, maybe there was one. When she calls out her pet dog’s name. That’s it.


The ending could have been much better. Well I will not discuss this further otherwise it will become a spoiler for you. But don’t worry you will not regret after watching the movie.


In the end, I would like to say that you should have a little patience to watch the second half of the movie, otherwise you will not going to enjoy this movie. I think this movie was an average movie, so if you like watching a movie with such a story then you can go for it.

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