Bhaukaal web series review - whether you should watch this web series or not

Mohit Raina is an actor who is known by many people. He started his career with a TV serial and after that, he also did a movie Uri- the surgical attack. Everyone came to know his name after this movie. Today we are going to review Mohit Raina's web series Bhaukaal. This web series has been released recently and people liked it as soon as it came out. This article will help you to know the complete details of this web series and we will also tell you whether you should watch this web series or not.

Bhaukaal web series poster
Bhaukaal web series Poster. Image Source - IMDB

The plot of Bhaukaal web series

Friends, let me first tell you that the story of Bhaukaal web series is absolutely real. This is the story of Muzaffar Nagar, which has been called the Crime Capital of India. Two gangs rule this city. One is the Shaukeen gang and the other is the Dedha brothers gang. Crime is very common in Muzaffar Nagar. The killing of people had become a joke for Dedha brothers. On the other hand, Shaukeen had also kept his fear in the mind of the people. Muzaffar Nagar became hell for the people. That's when SSP Naveen Sikhera's entry takes place in Muzaffar Nagar. Naveen Shikhera ends his corporate job and enters this profession. In this web series, the character of Naveen Sikhera is that of a courageous police officer who terrifies the Criminal. It is for this reason that SSP Naveen Sikhera is transferred to Muzaffar Nagar.

Shaukeen gang member
Shaukeen gang member. Image Source -  IMDB

Naveen Sikhera gets into action as soon as he comes to this city. Both gangs are alert due to Naveen Sikhera's special operations. Now, who wins the battle of two gangs and Naveen Sikhera? Can Naveen Sikhera remove MuzaffarNagar Crime? you will have to watch this web series to get answers to all these questions.

The good thing about Bhaukaal web series

  • The story of this web series is based on a very true incident, it is not at all like that any concocted story has been used in this movie.

The bad thing about Bhaukaal web series

  • Though the story of this series is based on a true incident, the story of this series is like the rest of the crime and action series. Nothing unique has been used in this story.
  • The other drawback of this movie is that I felt that the acting in this series was not up to the mark that’s why the series looks like a Concocted story rather than a real story.

DirectorJatin Satish Wagle

IMDB Rating - 7.8

No. of Episodes - 10


  • Mohit Raina
  • Abhimanyu Singh
  • Sidhhant Kapoor
  • Bidita Bag
  • Sunny Hinduja
  • Rashmi Rajput
  • Pradeep Nagar
  • Gulki Joshi

Available Free On - MX Player


I found this series is an above-average series. I will tell you that if you like to watch movies with crime stories then only watch this series, otherwise, this series will bore you completely.

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