[BEST] 5 South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

In recent years, the audience has liked to watch plot-driven cinema rather than watching big star, fancy or high budget movies with an average storyline. And when it comes to plot and story, South Indians movies had always hit the top list. Due to their imagination and creativity, South Indians movies are now being praised worldwide. Whether it will be a horror, action, sci-fi, thriller, or any kind of genre, South Indian cinema has proved themselves. So in our today’s article, we have come up with 5 awesome suspense thriller movies coming straight through the South Indian cinema that you will definitely be going to love. If you are already a South Indian movie fan then I m pretty sure you have watched them all. But if you don’t like to watch South Indian movies that much, just go and watch these super awesome movies. And I bet you will not going to regret it.

1. Ratsasan

Ratsasan : South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

On top of our today’s list is Ratsasan, a Tamil based crime-thriller movie. With a nail-biting plot and an awesome background score, this movie is considered as one of the best crime-thriller movies. The plot goes around a psycho murderer and a policeman. The murderer kidnaps teenage girls and brutally kills them. On the other hand, the policeman tries to find any clue or pattern of the serial killer. The story is so well narrated that you will get stick to your screen and will not want to miss any of the scenes. You might not recognize the murderer until the movie reveals itself. So don’t miss it, just go and watch it.

Available Language: Hindi, Tamil

IMDB ratings: 8.7

Director: Ram Kumar


  • Vishnu Vishal (Arun)
  • Amala Paul (Viji)
  • Saravanam (Annabella)
  • Ammu Abhirami (Ammu)
  • Munishkanth (Doss)

2. Thadam

Thadam : South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

Our next pick is, Thadam. I don’t know why this movie didn’t get that much fame as compared to its storyline. The story revolves around a mysterious murder case and twin brothers. Both of them hate each other and live separately. One day after the murder, the police took both of them in custody and tries to solve the case. Each time in the movie, whenever new evidence came up, the case becomes more complicated. And it makes it hard to decide, who is the actual culprit among the twins. Or is there any third person who may be the culprit. Well, to know it, you have to watch the movie. It is available on Youtube in the Hindi language.

Available Language: Hindi, Tamil

IMDB ratings: 8.2

Director: Magizh Thirumeni


  • Arun Vijay (Ezhil, Kevin)
  • Vidya (Sub-inspector)
  • Tanya Hope (Deepika)
  • Yogi Babu (Suruli)
  • Vijayan(Inspector)

3. Vikram Vedha 

Vikram Vedha : South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

On number three we have, Vikram Vedha, probably one of the best suspense thriller movies of 2017. It is a masterpiece. I can assure you that this movie will not disappoint you at all. The plot of this movie revolves around an encounter, in which one of the police officer got killed. This movie has a bit touch of the ancient legend of Vikram-Betaal. The story focuses on two main characters, Vikram(Police officer) and Vedhaa(Gangstar). Every time, when Vedha gets into the hands of the police, he narrates a story to Vikram and asks a question at the end. And after that, he somehow manages to escape, by giving Vikram a clue to find the reality of the encounter. I will highly recommend you to watch it. It is available on Youtube in Hindi. 

Available Language: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu

IMDB ratings: 8.7

Director: Pushkar-Gayathri


  • R.Madhvan (Vikram)
  • Vijay Sethupathi (Vedha)
  • Shraddha Shrinath (Priy)
  • Prem (Simon)

4. Irumbu Thirai(The Return of Abhimanyu)

Irumbu Thirai(The Return of Abhimanyu) : 5 Best Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

Next on our list is, Irumbu Thirai(in Hindi Return of Abhimanyu). A Telugu movie based on cybercrime. It shows how a person runs a network of cybercrime, by stealing people’s data, personal information, and money from their bank accounts. Abhimanyu, an army officer also falls victim to it. After which he tries to find the main brain behind this whole network. Being an awesome suspense movie, it also teaches us a lesson about the kind of cybercrimes that exist in the world and how to protect ourselves from those frauds. So you should definitely watch this one It is also available on Youtube in Hindi 

Available Language: Hindi, Telegu

IMDB ratings: 7.7

Director: P. S. Mithran


  • Vishal (Major)
  • Samantha (Dr. Rathi Devi)
  • Arjun Sarja (Sathyamoorthi)
  • Delhi Ganesh (Rangaswamy)

5. U-Turn
U Turn :  South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies List

Last but not least, U-Turn a Telugu based suspense thriller movie. This movie teaches us that even breaking a small traffic rule may turn into a major incident. The main character of the movie, Rachana is an intern in a newspaper company. She works on a story of people who breaks traffic rules on a particular flyover in Bangalore. After that those people somehow got killed one by one. Rachana along with a police officer tries to crack this mystery and ends up with a very unexpected climax. This movie is on Youtube, in Hindi.

Available Language: Hindi, Telegu, Tamil

IMDB ratings: 7.0

Director: Pawan Kumar


  • Samantha (Archana)
  • Adhi Pinisetty (Pradeep Nayak)
  • Bhumika Chawla (Maya)
  • Rahul Ravindran (Aditya)

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